August 2016

21 thoughts on “The Mushroom

  1. If this is a mushroom, it’s a giant one for that matter. The shade produced by the trees give the picture a weird look. Nice concept

  2. Wow.. This is a gigantic mushroom.. its colour combination is amazing.. I gues s its artificial.. Nice shot

  3. Such a very colorful and whimsical mushroom. I would like to nap under it and dream of my own adventures in Wonderland.

  4. This is just the perfect place to relax on a hot sunny day. I can picture myself enjoying a novel in the cool shade.

  5. This place looks like part of an old abandoned resort. I would have wished to see what it looked like when it was still new.

  6. I feel like the dark and bright contrasts in the photo are too deep. You did a good job with the shot all the same.

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