November 2017

20 thoughts on “The Night Shift

  1. More like the black and white shift ha ha. What is that though? It looks like a casket to me. Sad and gloomy shot I will give it that.

  2. This capture looks like a long abandoned structure shot in a cool night period…. It’s really a lonely arena

  3. The darkness of the room makes it seem like its at night. Maybe because its because its a back and white shot.

  4. The picture itself looks mysterious. You have to wrack your brain to find out exactly what is it all about.

  5. I don’t have the foggiest idea what it is..It looks like those tools used in a wood workshop..

  6. I don’t know for sure what is this place but looks to me like a place where a person repairs stuff or make something in an artisanal way.

  7. Have been on a graveyard shift, so I can feel all the gloom and doom being radiated by that picture. Still it brings me a strange solace as I’m the type of person who’d prefer to work alone more than work with a team.

  8. Great shot indeed. The black and white always gives the photo a nice classic look and feel.

  9. Is it really night time in this photo? I feel like that’s a window in the background and there’s light outside.

  10. Can barely see or know what this photo is all about.Maybe the color effect has overwhelm the photo.

  11. There’s definitely some intrigue in this photo. I’d like to hear more about the theme and message behind it.

  12. Looks like an abandoned place. I suppose it’s where one stays for night. Can’t figure out well with the topic, but you did a good shot.

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