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The Old Mill


August 2016


20 responses to “The Old Mill”

  1. This is truly an old mill, the exhaust is really not a modern one. Lively caption of a portion of the sky, it’s really awesome

  2. Am sure this mill is old and mighty. It must have fetched the owner a lot of income. Thanks for this good post.

  3. I like how this old mill looks inside.. it looks very classic and perfect to stay far from everything. The outside whould get some reairings though.

  4. What kind of mill was this when it was still in operation? It still looks pretty sturdy, if not very old and imaginably musty. The black and white picture makes it look somewhat mysterious.

  5. There doesn’t seem to be any electrical connections to the mill. This mill must have been running on diesel.

  6. It would be interesting if this mill could still operate. These old machines are usually very well built.

  7. Due to environmental concerns, such mills no longer exist. They released too much harmful gases into the atmosphere.

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