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The Party’s Over

The Party's Over

August 2019

15 responses to “The Party’s Over”

  1. I love the angle from which you captured this. The room really shows that there has been a party or rough and nice time there. Thanks for this shot.

  2. From the looks of things, the party is really over, arranging of things should take the center stage now.

  3. Just as you said, the party is just over. After an interactive session, it’s time to set the house in order.

  4. Yup the party is indeed over. In all honesty we all love parties but we bail out once it is time to clean up he he. It is fortunate that this room is small so fixing it up will not be hard.

  5. What a messed up place, absolutely it is over with the mess all over the place.It tiime for a through clean-up.

  6. This is the aftermath of a party..the whole room is scattered.. shows their was a party ..

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