July 2018

13 thoughts on “The Power Of Thought

  1. Whatever a man thinks becomes. We cannot underestimate the power of thoughts in determining how our lives turns out. This photo is a perfect depiction of a thoughtful person.

  2. I do have a time like this and its priceless. You really capture this action well with the photo up there.

  3. A whole lot of us underestimate the power of our thoughts.. The truth is whatever action we get ourself involved in is as a result of our thoughts…a positive thought attract good things.. Slipping nto the negative side of thinking……

  4. Photo well taken, it shows the man in great thought. Well, we need this position at least a minute daily to think through.

  5. Our thoughts are powerful. Great achievements or damages in the human histoiry, all started as a thought in someone’s head.

  6. There i nothing tat happens by the hands of men that never started as a thought. Tat’s how powerful thoughts can be.

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