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The Red


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  1. What is a boat doing in the middle of nowhere? Anyway if the title meant the tint then yes it is RED but It is hard to see the connection. Unless we go for a metaphor meaning? As a shot? Its a bit hazy so yeah.

  2. How did that boat get there, just a wide thought. I love the red colour, looks like a red flow around the boat.

  3. Is this an abandoned lake or river? Because what I am thinking is how this boat got in the midst of weeds. Noce shot though

  4. What an unusual picture, though I must tell it looks very imaginative it’s like if the boat was floating on the vegetation.

  5. Is this a lake that dried out? How come the boat is in the middle of nowhere? I think someone left the boat on purpose.

  6. You brought your imaginative eyes here to give us a view that will get us thinking. This look cool and well crafted for one’s viewing pleasure

  7. The boat seems a bit out of place in this scene. Unless, as another poster has mentioned, that it ended up where a lagoon dried up. It’s probably a shot devoted to a memory, as many of your photos have been. Perhaps there was a time when the waters ran deep, and that boat saw a lot of use, but not anymore.

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