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The Reflection In The Eye

May 2018

9 responses to “The Reflection In The Eye”

  1. You have given a good view to my sight. This so pleasant to my eyes. You capture this maybe for just my viewing pleasure.

  2. This is the beauty of nature. This shot is so clean and clearly captured. Water is life and the tall trees can also be used as shades. Thanks for this love post.

  3. Nature at it’s best here. Water flow can be so amazing to the eyes. You shot this so we’ll. It really fantastic.

    • The still water is very nice to look at. How calm the water is, that is how I would like my mind to be calm to.

  4. Another metaphor of seeing something beyond or seeing something for what it really is. I agree and besides this can be very relaxing. On particular, after a hectic day.

  5. There is always something about water that is soothing. This shot is no exception. I’d really just love to be on the shore watching this until the sun sets down.

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