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The Return To Wilderness

August 2013

22 responses to “The Return To Wilderness”

  1. It looks like an enchanted forest, I relax and think about walking in the middle of those tall trees contemplating the whole place.

  2. It looks like a forest that is in the outer part of the city. To have some time roaming in around the nature’s beauty, it’s a good place.

  3. This will definitely happen if humans are not around nature will reclaim this very planet.. Anyway looks like the starting of a forest. I do not suggest it though. Many would get lost in it.

  4. A good place for camping, spend some days out of my environment. Lovely output, clean and detailed.

  5. Wow, this looks empty, even the grass has disappeared in some part. We are all important to keep nature healthy and intact

  6. Lovely green hues. Nothing like being immersed in the wilderness. Looks a bit like a summer camp setting.

  7. Looks like the human interference has taken in this forest because a wide road road and some chopped wood are also seen.

  8. I wanna go camping. This pandemic makes me really miss doing outdoor activities. Great photo btw.

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