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The Road To Dilley

The Road To Dilley

January 2020

19 responses to “The Road To Dilley”

  1. An endless road to a far off horizon – this is what adventures are made of. I wonder what I would find at the end of that road.

  2. Kudos to the road engineers for the smooth work done. This picture gives me a clear picture of my last journey by road.

  3. Now I know photography brings beauty to images. Though this road is lonely but Tom Slatin brought life into it. Lovely.

  4. Looks really like it’s a road into beam of light. The concept it a good one, photography is really wide

  5. The road is really wide and devoid of vehicular movement. Imagine going on a trip on this road, it would be a jolly good ride.

  6. You’ve done a very good job documenting the town of Dilley. The photos are very exhaustive and well detailed.

  7. This photo is a good testament of how passionate you are about your work. Keep the fire burning Tom.

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