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The Screen Went Dark And The Candles Burned Out

The Screen Went Dark And The Candles Burned Out

May 2020

26 responses to “The Screen Went Dark And The Candles Burned Out”

  1. It looks so vintage with this picture, Great photography and angle in the picture looks perfect. I wonder what camera was it used taking this picture and I wish I also got skill in photography.

  2. Tom you are at it again, taking me back to my childhood days. Thanks for this memory bringing post.

  3. These televisions are an antique for many people, although some still preserve them, others take them to the junkyard.

  4. this kind of televisions are so much full of fun. you are sitting and relaxing then your mother will say, “change the channel”

  5. With every light going out, then it sure a time to rest for the day.. This could only be the interpretation I believe.

  6. Wow. This photo brings back memories of the olden days. Going back to those years, you’ll be considered rich if you own one of this. Nice photo.

  7. Ate you kidding me right now, no way I wont remember those days when this tv is so valuable that I line up at my neighbours house to watch….good old days

  8. Very nostalgic. I remembered my grand father still has this type of television and keeping it. Has so many memories when my mom, uncle and aunts were still kids.

  9. Nice retro T.V.! I like the little Jesus ornament too. I think it’s fitting with the candles burning out theme.

  10. I can remember this television in my childhood days. Light out and everywhere turns pitch dark

  11. This picture looks very 90’s, I love it… It reminds me the summer I was living with my aunt.

  12. Anytime I see television of this type, priceless memories flows through my spines. I remember how I felt when my dad got our first tv set, just like this….was like all the neighbours became my friend

  13. The sense of nostalgia that this hot brings is phenomenal. Very well taken shot too!

  14. I wish I had one of these retro TVs. It is very difficult to come by them nowadays.

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