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The Shadow Of A Bee

June 2018

16 responses to “The Shadow Of A Bee”

  1. This is one beautiful photo..I love the colour combination… I’m always petrified of bees though

  2. Shadow of a bee, looking to see the bee up there to no avail. Wondering if it judt my eyes though the shot is beautiful.

  3. Pollination caught on cam? this is a very good photo. How did the bee stood still though?

  4. Nice shot there. you did a good job of capturing the bee right on top of the flower. I like this photo

  5. Its amazing how a great shot like this one can be used to bring out the beauty of nature. The perfect blend between the bee and background flower.

  6. Wow! Is this bee standing on one leg? Its great that your camera can be able to catch even such details. Amazing photo.

  7. Pretty flower with a busy bee. One of the best photographs you’ve had the fortune of clicking at the right moment of.

  8. It would take an amateur several tries to capture such a moment. This is a great work of art!

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