From The Slatin Family archives: The New York City Years, in pictures (circa 1980’s).
Part 4

11 thoughts on “The Slatin Family: The New York City Years (Part 4)

  1. Lovely and very lovely photos too. This just the family’s album it will to keep the family memories alive.

  2. Wow..their is nothing like must have really had fun as a child.. Cute photos

  3. I have always liked looking at family pictures. They captured a lot of memories that you will always cherish even when you grow older. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures and memories.

  4. You were such a cute little boy. Who knew such a boy would one day be a world renowned writer and photographer!

  5. Your kid photos are cool. It makes me think of my own childhood. Thanks for sharing. Keep taking good photos and good job.

  6. I remember Bank Street very well, and all those people too!! Thanks for sharing the memories.

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