March 2017

20 thoughts on “The Spirit In The Sky

  1. So the US Air force is now the spirit in the blue sky. Nicely taken picture, but I dont know how u managed to picture this

  2. Wow Just wow amazing shot! This is really an obra maestra! Always fascinated about your photography.

  3. What a lovely and creative photography work. Tom you remain the best photographer as far as am concerned.

  4. Beautiful capture, a majestic sky that surrounds the plane, we are excited by the spirit when flying in this beautiful plane.

  5. This impressive plane inspires our spirit, fills us with emotion and allows us to see from above what surrounds us. The photographic shot is perfect.

  6. I have always thought that airplanes have always been great spirits soaring in the sky. There really is something magical when planes do what they do, helping people travel great distances, and do other things besides while airborne.

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