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The Stone

the stone

April 2007

20 responses to “The Stone”

  1. This picture makes me recall the mighty stone images in my home town. Good research you have made to have taken photo shot of this stone.

  2. Cool layout of stones. It almost gives me a barbaric feel to the early times of creation. Stones are good metaphors for being bold and unbreakable.

  3. I wonder how did the people manage to make it look that way? Things like these urges people to believe in freaking aliens he he. Great picture but again how did this came to be?

  4. The black and white used make it look really overwhelming. Simple but perfect. Thanks for this

  5. I use to do the with rocks especially at home and when we’re swimming the river. It always catches me and I love it.

  6. It looks like the stones were initially part of some structure. I can’t quite make out what the structure was.

  7. That’s a very interesting photo. I feel like these stones were intentionally stacked the way they have.

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