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21 thoughts on “The Stranger

  1. I wouldn’t mind camping in a place like this,it seem very quiet and calm.Maybe I might be the stranger there.

  2. I feel depressed for the tree.Not only is it all by its lonesome, It is also has loss its glory. I can see a lot of similarities between it and human life to be honest.

  3. This is just too beautiful to look at. I love the lonely yet peaceful atmosphere that the picture gives. I can feel that going to that place, the wind is a bit chilly yet you can feel at peace.

  4. I am very impressed by this black and white photo of the stranger. I can say that it is one of your best shots!

  5. This photo is epic. Its a like a tree in the jungle, all by itself. The black and white shade make it even more beautiful.

  6. I feel like there’s a lot of emotion that goes into this picture. I also like its ambiguity in that the stranger can be the tree or the person way out in the distance. Thanks for sharing.

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