• Rae

    This photo has a sad atmosphere to it. Just as the caption says, it definitely looks like it is waiting for someone. Love the photo!

  • Michelle Sagrit

    The white wooden chair compliments the checkered floor in this photo. It’s sad the house looks derelict.

    • brainedet

      The caption is right on this, therest always a seat somewhere to help waiting people. It can be draining and tiring just waiting.

  • Grace Kim

    Its very true, and most people just don’t have the patient enough to wait. It’s only those that persevere to the end that celebrate the victory.

  • Janet James

    Maybe this was a waiting area for some form o service. The way the chair is positioned is like where people sit to wait for something.

  • David Mureithi

    The pic reminds me of an old chair at my papa’s home. It was never sat on, it would only wait for Christmas.

  • jolly555

    The room looks so calm and quiet so I’m sure waiting here might not be too hard for me. With such environment I might even doze off while sleeping.

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