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The Warp Tour

The Warp Tour

May 2019


19 responses to “The Warp Tour”

  1. This looks like a destroyed house..maybe the aftermath of war or something.. The house should just be pulled down

  2. That looks quite nasty. Nature can be really frightening sometimes, especially when it comes to destruction via storms and its resulting floods and strong winds plus tornadoes. All of that wrath in this pretty powerful shot.

  3. I got your point, it does really looked liked a warped house. It’s just that it was warped but wasn’t assembled back.

  4. I feel bad for the destroyed home. It has all that person’s dreams and hope but now it is all destroyed. However, they can still fix it! Hope it goes well. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. This must be a destroyed home. A nice shot taken from a good angle though the picture is bad itself.

  6. Destroyed house and left to collapse finally. I hope some rescue come to it before it finally falls.

  7. Looks like the home was destroyed by floods or cyclones. I do see such houses after such phenomena.

  8. Despite the fact that it’s a destroyed house you still captured the shot beautifully. Great work and keep it up!

  9. Great shoot, but a bit risky, I guess wouldn’t like to be close to a place that’s falling down.

  10. Did an earthquake just pass through???Normally I would say this is messy but as weird as it is I like it. It just seems elegant as it collapses.

  11. It seems even scary to go near such a destroyed house. It might fall on you at any time.

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