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The Westholm Hotel 2019

The Westholm Hotel

May 2019

16 responses to “The Westholm Hotel 2019”

  1. It looks more like a house to me. Then again a hotel is defined by its service not by its looks

  2. Looks like a steady built hotel in a nice area. I like that it has a cottage like feel, which makes it more welcoming.

  3. I am always really cool with natural plants in such facilities, it’s a nice and well oriented structure.

  4. Is this an abandoned hotel? It looks like it did not age gracefully under the punishing weather elements and time. It is a dramatic shot, nonetheless.

  5. Seems like this hotel has been abandoned. It’s such a waste that it’s never reconstructed. The area is very big and has a nice view.

  6. A no longer used hotel I think. This may have been caused by low patronage or death of the owner. It still a great photo.

  7. This must have been a really good hotel then because it isn’t really in shape now as protray in this photo.

  8. It’s a shame that a beautifull hotel like this have been abandoned. I’m wondering if it can still get repaired and in use again.

  9. I think this hotel can still be reclaimed and used again. It’s not in a very bad shape.

  10. The hotel is still beautiful despite the being old. I would love to go there and explore. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  11. It’s already old and dilapidated but still beautiful. This hotel would have been really beautiful during its hay days!

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