There's A Hole In The Ceiling

June 2019

15 thoughts on “There’s A Hole In The Ceiling

  1. The hole looks quite sizable. I sure hope it doesn’t put the building’s stability in jeopardy.

  2. There are planks of wood strewn all over the floor. Some major operation must have been going on here.

  3. That’s a hole alright and I feel like that roof is about to cave in. You definitely have an affinity for decrepit and broken down areas.

  4. I’m amazed how you can find these places. I wish I can find these places too! They seem so mysterious and quiet.

  5. Funny enough there’s no way there wouldn’t be a hole in such a decaying ceiling. I hope it is patch up on time.

  6. The ceiling needs to be removed and replaced with new ones..The present one is an eyesore..

  7. What could have happened to create such a hole in the ceiling? I still couldn’t get why this structure have a lot of pillars.

  8. For there to be hole in the ceiling, something strange must have happened. Or better still it might be a root for escape. Nice and cool photographic work.

  9. This hole might be a big blocade from people living in this house. It never easy to stay under a roof with holes.

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