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There’s Nothing Good On TV

There's Nothing Good On TV



11 responses to “There’s Nothing Good On TV”

  1. Oh really,maybe now because the caption would have been wrong years back but now with other digital devices it seems this is true.

  2. It seems like somebody got frustrated with the TV and hit it until it broke. The tittle fits the photo perfectly.

  3. Must have been a great impact to destroy that TV. This is the first time in forever I saw one of those old TVs again. LOL

  4. This pictures makes me peer back at my childhood when we used to watch this type of television.. Brings back memories
    I guess one angry wife who probably caught his husband and his mistress in a compromising situation broke that television..

  5. How unfortunate for such a collectible to be smashed. The TV might have fetched a good price some time in the future.

  6. That is an understatement and I agree. Media nowadays are filled with violence and sex that it is never a good thing. At least anime shifts that dynamic for me. Sure it may have violence and sex but that greatly depends on the genre. Overall though, I have learned a lot from them.

  7. This brought back memories. I can remember when we used to watch some kiddies programs from a tv like this. How time flies.

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