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These Iron Bars Can’t Hold My Soul In

These Iron Bars Can't Hold My Soul In

February 2020

19 responses to “These Iron Bars Can’t Hold My Soul In”

  1. Great close up shot for extra momentum. I like the idea of breaking free and empowering your soul.

  2. You sound like you are in jail or some kind of a cage? I agree though things cannot hold a spirit down. Unless something happens that can break you. It will just take a lot before that happens.

  3. This iron bars are so strong, I had experience with such years back. It tore my skin and the bar didn’t even move abit. Lovely in house caption .

  4. Wow, the only thing that can go wrong with this window is the wood and not the iron bar. So strong iron bar. Love the effect used guy

  5. The iron and the soul are two different things. One is physical and the other is spiritual. So they would come to stay together.

  6. It definitely looks like something that won’t let anything in or out, except for really tiny insects or animals. A soul can easily get out from that as well. Nothing really can’t contain or cage a soul in its place, except maybe one’s physical body.

  7. The soul can go anywhere freely because it is not something physically visible. So, no matter how hard the iron bars, will not be able to hold it because of 2 different things.

  8. They are some really dated iron bars though. If it weren’t for the paint coating they’d be all rusty!

  9. I am very scared of confined spaces. I would have a panic attack if I was locked inside by this iron bar.

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