This Is The Clock Upon The Wall

December 2015

25 thoughts on “This Is The Clock Upon The Wall

  1. I can say that in this school they forgot the nice clock on the wall, the only thing that works in this classroom, because the rest is to remodel.

  2. Is it my eyes or there are two clocks on the wall. the shot is ok by me, it just that the photo is a bit dim. A brighter one would have been a lot better.

  3. This is already an abandoned place. Seems to be a classroom with lockers for me. The clock can stil be used and seems new.

  4. The wall clock is as new as my new car. Looks like am high school classroom going through renovation. Nice effect and output.

  5. not many people will see an abandoned place. i sure do. for me the photo is just the right amount of exposure.

  6. This hall looks like a conference hall under renovation. Nice and cool black and white photo.

  7. The wall paper was intentionally removed, the clock shining high there. Lovely output friend

  8. Relatively few individuals will see a deserted spot. I sure do. for me, the photograph is the perfect measure of introduction.

  9. And the time has stopped on this one. A good memory for a time capsule I suppose. This room had seen better days.

  10. Almost reminds me of “Where’s Waldo?” because the clock is so tiny and out of view. Great setting and expert tonality.

  11. Amazing how this clock has been preserved. Though the wall is shuttered, the clock looks like brand new.

  12. This institution can still be used if renovated. It beats me why it has been abandoned like this.

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