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Thomas Slatin (Catskill Game Farm, 2002)

Thomas Slatin (Catskill Game Farm, 2002)

Catskill Game Farm


9 responses to “Thomas Slatin (Catskill Game Farm, 2002)”

  1. Whaoooo,… See Mr Tom in a game. Nice shoot there man with a great and cool quality. My question now is, please who took you this picture?

  2. It looks like you are having so much fun. Despite the picture being very funny, it seems like you genuinely like what you are doing. Thanks for sharing this wonderful memory.

  3. Such a very sunny day and you are obviously having loads of fun. It must have been such a day filled with really good memories for you.

  4. Wow Tom! A Catskill game should be more of legs and hand on ground. Wont mind you shedding more light to this game Tom. Great job

  5. Is this a legit game? I do not know much of it but hey at least from the pick you look happy. The game farm lacks a park though. However, if the purpose is leaving it into imagination that would work too.

  6. This is really cool Tom, You make life always look easy to live in. You can a cool photp shoot here

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