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Thomas Slatin Quote


“As humans, if our similarities carried more weight than our differences, the world would know peace.” —Thomas Slatin

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  1. Really smart outlook. In the end, we share the same makeup and are all one collectively. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Do you watch Pokemon???? That quote is just a tweak of what MEOWTH said which says ” We all live on the same sky, same Earth, same air. Perhaps if we learn to look at things that are similar than rather what is different who knows” I agree though that at times we focus on how we differ that we forget that underneath our race, language culture etc. Each of us are the same we just want to live happy and with no regrets.

  3. You are right, what brings rancor and fight to humans is our differences. So yes, if we have similar values life will be a lot better.

  4. But that does not happen. It is unfortunate we do not consider our similarities but dwell on our differences.

  5. The differences in man lead to split decision. I love and support this quote. Thanks Tom for this quote.

  6. We human mostly dwell on our differences. That’s why things gets too hard day in day out. God help us. Thanks for this wonderful quote pal

  7. I understand what you mean but unfortunately this can’t happen. Humans will remain different and this is where the difference stem from.

  8. This is so true on a lot of levels. People always compare and argue more about differences, rather than celebrate the similarities regarding each and every single person in this world. It’s really sad just thinking about it. The day people will dwell on similarities feels like a faraway dream as of now.

  9. Maybe, but I guess differences are necesary to make life more interesting a world full of similarities could be kinda boring. but tolerance to the differences could be something good and necesary.

  10. This makes sense. If we just see our similarities instead of differences, then we have a peaceful place always.

  11. Humanity puts much weight on its differences than similarities. This is and will always remain a sad state of affairs.

  12. The things that bring us together are more than those that separate us. We should come to this realization as a society.

  13. The day we learn to focus on our similarities is the day that we achieve eternal peace. Great quote Tom, and many thanks for sharing 🙂

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