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Thomas Slatin Quote

“I love writing though I dislike discussing what I have published; these are my words, and what I have written is plain to see.” —Thomas Slatin

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  1. Im glad than you witte because you feel it, many people just writte to please others and some times writting lost the charm.

  2. Beautiful quote! This quote just speaks from the heart. Writing is a form of art not just something you can do out of the blue.

  3. As with any art form, having to explain a piece of work ruins the experience. Everyone should take it from their own perspective.

  4. Every reader has a different view of whatever they read. Explaining everything to them just kills this beautiful diversity of views.

  5. Sometimes people may have a problem understanding what you write. That is probably why someone would ask but that would be their own fault.

  6. This quote is very easy to relate to. It can be annoying when someone keeps asking about what is already written in plain sight.

  7. The moment you discuss what you have written it denies the audience the opportunity to discover the message for themselves. I agree with this quote.

  8. I also like it when my speaks for itself. If I have to keep explaining it somehow shows that people cant get the meaning by themselves, and I wont always be there to explain to them.

  9. The writings are plain, anyone who takes their time to look should be able to see. It would be difficult to explain to people all the time. Great quote.

  10. Not everybody has the capacity to write. You are lucky if you can express your thought profoundly well through write up.

    • The most important thing is that you are living your dream..discussing what you have published is not necessary.. People should be left to ponder on what they read

  11. There is the phrase, let the truth speak for itself. Anyway, I like your writings.

  12. I always love to speak aganist all odds. It like my power and strength and I don’t need anyone stopping me.

  13. Let every reader come up with their own meaning depending on their own understanding. What I get may not be what you’ll get when you read.

  14. our words most times speak for us,we don’t necessarily need to explain anything. Action must times speak louder and volume.

  15. Sometimes it is not the job of a writer to discuss what he/shre wrote. We need to read between the lines.

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