• brainedet

    Well, it comes a time in our lives that we just have to take a stand and do whatever we feel will be good for us whether it makes others happy or not.

  • Miaka Yuuki

    If you are good at something pursue it. I always believe in this. Love your work and it will love you back. With that said this is why it is always good if you are doing a job using your talent. It does not feel work at all.

  • esgyll

    Surprisingly, it’s something I think about all the time. It’s hard to be in a place where you want to do something because of your talents, but stuck whether or not honing it because there’s always the uncertainty of disappointment and doubt along the way. It’s not something everyone could do.

  • Karen

    It’s great that you discovered your talent early in in life and pursued it. Many spend their lifetime and never find theirs.

    • Thomas

      Most people never pursue their real talents in life because they believe that they will never accomplish anything by leaving their paying jobs to pursue their passions. In doing so, they will often lead a life of wondering what might, or could have been.

  • Janet

    True life fullfilment and satisfaction comes through soul searching until you find your own purpose for existence. A task that proves to be too difficult for many.

  • Favor

    It’s a bold step to come out of your comfort zone and follow your heart desire. Sometimes it may mean giving up something that is attached to our life.

  • Joyce

    Great quote Thomas. It is clear from your work that the decision you made to follow your passion was the right decision. Somethings are worth sacrificing for.

    • Thomas

      I believe that I made the right decision, ultimately. What I didn’t fully comprehend was the multitude of jobs I would have to work to finally achieve my goal. Nothing good in life comes to those who expect a reward without the proper effort and sacrifice.

  • Vanya

    I think it is better to embrace whatever you have because this is what acceptance of yourself is. If you are not satisfied with what you have then work hard on improving it.

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