• jolly555

    You are totally right like who is fooling who now. I tell people failures are part of life and we should be proud to show it off too,who knows some people can learn from it.

  • Obalade Damilola

    The reason people flaunt their belongings
    .. Cars,new houses is something I can’t understand.. Success is not measured by what we own..
    Showing off on social media is just plain stupid..

  • Janet

    It’s very rare to find a person who is couragious enough to admit his/her failures. Most times we want to be identified with our strengths only.

  • Fiona Deanda

    Your sentiments are very true. Many people are very concerned with how they are perceived from the outside and forget themselves in the process.

  • Maury Cheskes

    Great message. People don’t want to hear you embellish only about your successes especially when they’re in the thick of finding out who they are and striving to make their dreams come true. Real motivation comes from overcoming obstacles and making the impossible seem possible.

  • Miaka Yuuki

    That is human nature is it not? Who would wanna see someones failure or flaw? Aside from the news that is. More often than not we hide the negatives while show the good in us.

  • Grace Kim

    I think it’s a human weakness that we always want to be viewed as always successful and not failures. We therefore go to that extent of shunning anything that will portray us as failures.

  • Stella

    I’d be suspicious if one only has success stories to tell. But you’re right, some people do only want success stories to come out and it only invites the jealous souls to want to find a way to put them down. It’s better to be honest about all success and failures.

  • Vino

    I guess this is what skeleton in the closet could also mean. We all keep secrets and we only want people to know what’s good in us.

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