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Thomas Slatin Quote


“When I write, I want my reader to pay attention, to be informed, and to learn something.  Most of all, I want my reader to think.” —Thomas W.P. Slatin

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  1. Definitely you, I always have to think beyond ordinary for you articles. Well especially your photography, atimes it looks “what is he saying here”

  2. I agree with you no article would get the effect it should have on people if it doesn’t make them think and keep them informed. So you are right on point Thomas.

  3. Nice and good quote. Readers listening is the aim of every writer else it will be like the writer has passed no message.

  4. Writes should be aware of the things that they are writing. People having a wide range of knowledge always, i mean always enjoy reading books and articles.

  5. This is the true essence of being a writer. To inspire and educate and let his reader think and use imagination.

  6. Write-ups are meant to stimulate any reader’s brain. So I always get thinking anytime I read a stimulating piece of work.

  7. Yeah, after reading all of your writings and captions. With the magic twist of words you write, the ending is always deep thingking to what message you have in every writing. You are gifted Thomas.

  8. Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works. I often write my daily journal before. Maybe I should reconsider doing it again.

  9. You always got me think each time I read your piece, so rich. I wish I could start writing articles again

  10. You have a very clear idea about what you want to transmit to your readers… that’s wonderful.

  11. Well written, yeah one’s readers should be informed and at the same time thinks objectively to contribute to what is being said.

  12. I always enjoy reading something that is thought provoking. That is what connects me to the writer.

  13. I’m glad to learn that you care so much about your readers. That is what makes a phenomenal writer.

  14. Your writings are really thought provocking. I like the originality and uniqueness of your work.

  15. Every writer should have this attitude. If that were the case we would have a lot of amazing literature today.

  16. With a midset like this you can never write anything that is not captivating. I love your creative process.

  17. It’s always wonderful when your reader gains something from your work. That’s every writer’s goal.

  18. This quote defines the essence of writing. One should be able to learn something as well as get challenged to think differently.

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