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Thomas Slatin Quote

“Progress takes away what forever took to find; in other words, achiements are celebrated, while the multitude of steps required to achieve them are often viewed as insignificant and meaningless.” —Thomas Slatin

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  1. Exactly Thomas, It is the journey not the destination, people are so trained to stay focused on the outcome, we forget to enjoy the steps that it takes to get there….great quote.

  2. It is true that many people just focus on outcome. The journey itself is already an achievement. We need to appreciate it because it makes sucess worth it.

  3. You are very correct,success comes with stress and sometimes frustration it only when we win that we get to celebrate,all the long sufferings fly out immediately.

  4. This is deep…people don’t care about the steps you took to achieve something.. They only care about you achievement.. Good one

  5. The best way to appreciate someone is to recognize the steps they took to arrive where they are. Many atimes we only focus on the final result.

  6. It’s the obvious thing in our society. The steps don’t really matter as long as you achieve the goals.

  7. Definitely no body stops to look at the journey so far, we are mostly after the result even the woman that was in labor totally forget her suffering when she has her baby in her arms.

  8. I couldn’t agree more. So many times people only look at the end result ignoring the process it took to get there.

  9. I disagree, The journey is much more important than the destination to me. For one if you forget the lessons that you learned on that journey then the destination looses its meaning.

  10. Most people believe that the end justifies the means. It doesn’t really matter as long as you have it.

  11. Hear, hear! The celebration gets so much focused on sometimes that the steps to take it take a back-seat. The journey is as important.

  12. This is actually true. More often than not, we value more on the result than on the process of achieving it.

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