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Thomas Slatin Quote

Thomas Slatin

“Modern society has taught us to demand perfection in every single facet of our existence, especially when it comes to our bodies. Ones appearance seems to be the most important thing in life as we slowly get forced into believing that narcissistic values are of most importance.”
—Thomas Slatin

12 responses to “Thomas Slatin Quote”

  1. Most of time we forget that character and value is the most important thing rather than physical appearance. This modern society forgets to value the true essence of beauty.

  2. We are more than what we look like. Our beauty is just a small part of who we are as a person.

  3. Television is not helping matters..we a a awful lot of smut on television.. the models in our advertisements look flawless..people are made to believe that your body has to be perfect.. then you see those striving for perfection going into surgery to either make their butt bigger or nose thinner..others start feeling bad about themselves developing low self esteem..its sickening

  4. It’s so unfortunate that is exactly what this modern society is teaching impressionable minds. All we hope for is that our young people do not get sucked into this narcissistic way of living.

  5. Love the quote. Sometimes modern society isn’t really good or helpful for ourselves. Sometimes all we need to do is be ourselves.

  6. I used to wonder why we need to all be perfectionists. I believe if we can just do things right the way then that should be enough.

  7. I don’t think it’s just “modern” history that’s impressing on the minds of the vulnerable. Throughout man’s history, there are always those who remain true to themselves regardless of what society “dictates”.

  8. I couldn’t agree more with this quote. Society and entertainment media has planted very unrealistic images in our minds of what beauty is.

  9. You’d amazed at the extent some people go to look beautiful. Our values have been badly eroded.

  10. Modernity is like a double edged sword. It has brought us good things but in the process we have lost ore core values.

  11. The youthful generation is so easily influenced nowadays hence such issues. Social media doesn’t help matters either.

  12. We can all blame this on our televisions. They have become our masin source of information and many times what we get from them is very toxic.

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