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Thomas Slatin Quote

Thomas Slatin

“My idea of heaven is laying down on the floor with a good book and the radio playing songs from my childhood.” — Thomas Slatin

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  1. I love songs from my childhood too..brings back nostalgic idea of heaven is looking into the eyes of the woman I love

  2. I agree with you on this. Good music sometimes can make you disconnect from the problems of this world and connect with heaven. Great quote.

  3. My idea of heaven is like in a spa having a massage and a good green tea. Also, pizza right at your doorstep.

  4. Yes, it seems I agree with this… but without any book – because I don’t really like reading books :). Radio and music can accompany my daily life well.

  5. There’s really nothing good compared to our childhood memories. It is really a heaven like feeling thinking that we don’t have any responsibilities yet.

  6. My heaven is climbing up a mountain and staying there for a while. The fresh air and silence are great.

  7. I love your own kind of heaven because I can totally relate maybe I will add popcorn to that mix to turn it into my own heaven.

  8. I guess as they say things mostly are relative terms. In this case heaven means you have peace of mind and just being free.

  9. Haha, it seems you liked your childhood much. I liked my childhood too but my idea of heaven is different from yours.

  10. My heaven is writing for money. I love making money from my passion and I’m pretty much enjoying it now.

  11. My idea of heaven is just feeling happy, peaceful and worry-free. I always been an anxious person that’s why I long for those kind of feelings.

  12. Mine is chillin on the bed with the wind blowing inside the room. Be it with a book, a movie, or just me and my bed.

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