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Thomas Slatin Quote

Thomas Slatin

“In order to grow, one must first learn how to let go of the past, and only hold onto those memories which served as the foundation of the people we are today, for as time goes by, one gets better equipped at telling the difference between the two.” —Thomas Slatin

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  1. I do really agree with you. Holding on to past memories that are no good have a way of pulling one back and this limits ones progress.

  2. We will never learn how to grow if we keep dwelling in the past. The past is done and must not be looked back.

  3. I think that in order to grow, we must all accept that what happened in the past can not be undone. That we must first learn the lessons of the past in order to move on.

  4. Growth in life needs some catalysts and one of which is what this quote has highlighted. This is lovely

  5. This is so true.. Letting go of the best will make us live better and mature in other areas of our lives.. Great quote

  6. I feel that so as to develop, we should all acknowledge that what occurred in the past can not be fixed. That we should initially gain proficiency with the exercises of the past so as to proceed onward.

  7. We should also know that the past are to make us better in all spheres of life. It shouldn’t draw us back or set out limits. Let go, be wiser and grow above limits

  8. I totally agree with you. For me, in order to let go of the past, you must know how to forgive.

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