Thomas Slatin

“It’s the little things I see that most people don’t. Like the way birds fly backwards, forwards, and fall. How butterflies dance around in the air as if they’re weightless, and how flowers sway organically in the wind. Perhaps I care too much, and dive too deep.” β€”Thomas Slatin

25 thoughts on “Thomas Slatin Quote

  1. Sounds like the poetic temperament; or the thoughtful child’s eye. Curiosity is never a bad thing; we wouldn’t be where we are today (for better or for worse) without the curious and the perceptive.

  2. Everyone has his own way in seeing things and having his own perception about it. This is a good way to explain that everyone has a different point of view.

  3. You caring too much, and dive too deep makes your work unique. You know we cant see things thesame way, that’s why we two different persons

  4. Being able to understand and see things differently is what I admire from you. Your thoughtfulness around you is so endearing. Thank you for sharing these to us.

  5. Admiring nature is totally gratifying. It puts things in perspective too when you’re too focused on material things.

  6. Well That is common is it not? I think as we grow older we rend to do that. In most cases unconsciously/ Like we are so occupied with work that we have no time to do the little things. This is why I think this crisis if there is one silver lining. It forces us to go back to basics.

  7. I do definitely agree. Life’s most beautiful moments lie in the wonder of why things happen the way they do in nature – in the flight of birds, the sparkling of the sun in rippling waters. It really makes one appreciate everything fully and live life to the fullest.

  8. Has a writer and a photographer, you need to see what ordinary people couldn’t see. See beyond the ordinary, that defines your work. Like the way birds fly backwards, forwards; is this ironically?

  9. Little things in life matters a lot and give us a lot of inspiration, that is why sometimes it good to slow down and enjoy all that life have got to offer. I know the rat race isn’t really helping.

  10. We are curious about almost everything and curiosity is knowledge.Another unique and meaningful quotation.

  11. You experience the small details of life that can bring Joy. You are very lucky, it’s not very common for people to do such things in the actuality.

  12. Nice and meaningful quote. Our views and opinion on issues differs. Thanks form this quote.

  13. Respecting nature is absolutely satisfying. It places things in context too when you’re excessively centered around material things.

  14. It’s good to always step back and appreciate the liitle things in life. They are what count at the end of the day πŸ™‚

  15. Your attention to the little details shows a lot in your pictures. It really sets them apart!

  16. Me and you are very much in the same school of thought. I have always found the little details of life fascinating.

  17. As an aspiring photographer myself, I couldn’t resonate more with your sentiments. The beauty is always in those minor details that so many of us tend to miss. Wonderfully said Thomas.

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