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Thomas Slatin Quote

“I do not know that which I truly possess, nor its value and importance until it is gone. I don’t know whom to love until after they are lost forever. And I don’t know I should feel until long after the moment has passed.” —Thomas Slatin

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  1. Well you are right, we dont know some values of what we had until we loose them. It cause so much pain, I wish we know how valuable they are on time.

  2. Wow, its painful when someone lost something we had but didn’t cherish it as much as when we had it. I hope nothing is wrong with this dog?

  3. This quote is so me. Most times we don’t value what we have still they are out of our reach. It can be painful later though.

  4. Who has never regretted in his life? Surely everyone has ever or may still feel regret with the life choices that have been chosen, or even when we do not choose anything can be a regret in itself.

  5. I disagree with this even if it is true. For me we must express what we can or give value to anyone while alive. For one we can give them all the praise but would it be nice to appreciate all of it? As suppose to being gone and hearing all of the empty words.

  6. There are times that we forget to appreciate the most important thing that gives us happiness. We should start appreciating the people who gives us so much love and inspiration everyday.

  7. The dog looks so indifferent in this photo like it is just me here. I do always value things and people around me though.

  8. As some old folks say, regret is always at the end. What we need to do is to accept our fate and consequences of the things that we had done.

  9. Really looks like my brother’s dog. Such a sweet looking doggo you got there. I coulsn’t agree more that you will value someone and something until they’re gone.

  10. Unfortunately most of us get to apreciate the things and people when we don’t have them anymore. But that’s part of life and teach us to become more mature and to be apreciative about what we have.

  11. Well, I seem to be willing to bet that this kind of feeling might have been experienced by everyone. This may be just a way for everyone to be more appreciative and grateful for the existence of various kinds of people in their lives.

  12. We should always appreciate what we have while it’s still there. It’s the folly of man.

  13. It is for this reason that we should tell our loved ones how much they mean to us while they are still alive. Very well said Tom.

  14. You do raise a very important point. Never wait till its too late to show the ones you love how much you care.

  15. I think a lot of people can relate to this. Many a times we never stop to appreciate what we have until it’s gone.

  16. Arguably one of the most touching quotes I have come across. I’m so grateful that you shared this.

  17. Words spoken from the heart never fail to resonate with the reader. This is one of those quotes.

  18. I love how this profound quote paired with this cute pup makes him look so wise and methodical. I think we can all relate, that once we lose things we see their inner value.

  19. This always happen to each and everyone of us. We tend to notice the value of a person or a thing not until it was gone. We have that one attitude with in us. We forgot that if we appriciate small things it will definitely grow big.

  20. This is a wonderful quote. It has been observed that several times we do not give value to what we have.

  21. This is not so good. We should always try and live in the now, and appreciate all that comes our way, Showing love to whom we ought to and expressing ourself freely.

  22. We don’t value what we have until we looses it. The message passed is really true. The dog is cute.

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