• Gemma

    I totally agree with you. People praise how far we’ve com in terms with technology, yet there is violence everywhere. I don’t know if we are moving forward or backward as a humanity.

  • jolly555

    Well stated Tom, it baffles me with the world. We are all learned but still using violent and threat than peace-talk or dialogue.

  • Adesoji OGUNBADE

    Interpersonal conflict is a fact of life and can arise in almost any sphere, conflict resolution is cherish among human more.

  • esgyll

    This is absolutely true. I am of the opinion that as a species, humans are also inherently violent and antagonistic to one another in ways where rather terrible situations push them to do the ugliest of things to one another. It is pretty disheartening to say the least.

  • brainedet

    I always say let peace leads and I know everyone get to understand that peace is a better weapon than violet that is destructive.

  • Alex

    I may sound weird but fact is as a race, WE FIND BEAUTY IN CHAOS. That is pretty much a fact However the same hands that can be violent are also the ones who can be the guiding light. Violence is not going anywhere but we can be better.

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