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Thomas Slatin Quote

“I’m a dreamer; a dreamer who believes in fairness and equality.
When I was a child I would dream of how life might be.
As a young adult, I would dream of how life could be.
Now, as a full-grown adult, I dream about how life should be.” ―Thomas Slatin

20 responses to “Thomas Slatin Quote”

  1. I agree, I think you put dreams in perspective to where we are in life and I love that. As for me though dreams are a must have. It forces us to go on and be better. If you have a dream go for it.

  2. Being able to dream and put it into action is truly inspiring. From what you have experienced and accomplished, you will always be an inspiration to us.

  3. I love your development in your emotional journey. It’s a positive outlook for inspiring others showing that life gets more meaningful and fulfilling as you get older.

  4. Well, it’s really interesting to me how people’s perspectives can change over time. Various life experiences that have been passed can change a person’s outlook and dreams.

  5. Nice thought because when we are children we want to be adults and when we are adults we want to be small, we also think about our future but when we are in our adulthood, we think about how that present should be.

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