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If your motivation to get a degree is based solely in the popular parlance of credentialism, you are going to be disappointed when you learn that a college degree has nothing to do with intelligence or success in life. The most interesting and successful people I’ve known in my life never finished college.

Thomas Slatin


  • Laura S Putman

    I agree 100%, I’ve always believed that. My son achieved a degree later in adulthood but he never used it, instead he chose to work doing where he enjoyed his work. My career was surrounded by degreed people who had no idea how to be a human being. They all taught me that life experience is much more valuable than a degree.

  • AMAN

    I agree to it and it’s a nice quote for me as I am presently a college student. Skills are always ahead of degree in any field.

  • Wilson Jake

    Education is important but not the most important criteria for intelligence and success. This is a really touchy quote, I love it.

  • laura

    I can totally relate with this quote, even in Nigeria here some of the wealthiest people didn’t complete college. They are doing excellently well

  • Maury Cheskes

    Yes, this is true that a lot of people turn out successful even with limited schooling. Does not hurt to get a degree though. It just depends on which career path entices you, or the level of education you’d like to receive.

  • glad

    It really amazes me to know that some of the successful people are not so educated. Being educated makes you knowledgeable and does not necessarily make you succesful.

  • Prince

    Finishing college or degree is good for the people that has the brain. But it’s not the only thing that makes success….even people that hasn’t been to the 4 corners of the classroom are making it better. It all depends on the individual

  • Alex

    I agree this is why when taking a course take what you want or what your heart tells you. In my country there are people who is forced to stray from their dreams. They end up successful sure but they end up sad in the long run. Heart matters not just money.

  • Margareth

    That’s right, having a degree is not a warranty to be successful in life, I wish schools could go farther and teach students skills that they will need to achieve their goals.

  • esgyll

    Sadly, where I live, going to the best university, getting a diploma from said university and landing a high paying job is all that matters so your friends and your own family can say that you’ve really been successful at life. We still have a very long way to go to shake off that mindset.

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