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Thomas Slatin Quote

“The greatest downfall of being a trend setter is having everyone duplicate whatever one does.” —Thomas W.P. Slatin

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  1. Well Imitation is the highest form of flattery so it is okay. Nothing is original these days most of the time . What makes everything unique despite that though is EXECUTION. The same can be applied here as well.

  2. This is so true, humans are just copycats and they do a lot just to be like another person especially the trend setters.

  3. To succed there once said you need to be unique. The uniqueness makes you outshine the normal/usual.

  4. There is truth in this quote. Hardly will you see a version of stuffs which doesn’t originate from somewhere. Nice and brilliant quote.

  5. Duplicating whatever one does is really reduce the quality of most output this days. All in the name of making easy money, these has really eaten deep into our system.

  6. Well, for me I don’t follow trends and it never my thing but your quote is true. They set trends others just follow.

  7. This is the world we are living in today – if there’s something new, fresh, and obviously very trendy, everyone and their mother will immediately take to emulating it whatever it is. It’s become so ingrained into our current society and culture that anyone who wants to do something out of the box against the current trends will be ridiculed for being different. And that’s just too sad.

  8. I agree, even I’m not a content creator I find very disrispectfull when people creates duplicates.

  9. It is never good to be a copy cat. I have always practice being unique and true at all times.

  10. I think this is only natural. The whole point of being a trend setter is so that everyone can follow.

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