Those Who Hate Los Angeles Have Never Been In Love

April 2020

24 thoughts on “Those Who Hate Los Angeles Have Never Been In Love

  1. I swear you are right, I have never heard from someone that hated Los Angeles. Lovely output, looks cool and calm

  2. One of the most beautiful place in the world . I am sure it will be hard to see someone that hates LA

  3. A train signal post I take it? I have never been to LA before but perhaps when this crisis is over I should pay it a visit. Very good and peaceful shot.

  4. I want to believe the title of this photo. Love is a beautiful thing just like the city of Los Angeles.

  5. Nice shot you have here and I like the heading too. Los ANGELES is one place I will love to visit and maybe find my love there too.

  6. i could have appreciated this photo more if i knew what the subject was. hahaha! regardless, it was a nice shot. the vignette made it more dramatic.

  7. This is a splendid shot. Who doesn’t love the city of angels? More photos to come Tom.

  8. I hope I get to visit Los Angeles some day. I have heard such amazing stories about the city.

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