Thoughts And Words Are Powerful

Yesterday my blog reached yet another impressive milestone when it reached 14,693 visits in less than 24 hours! My most popular post yesterday, or of all time for that matter, was the list of 80 Journal Writing Prompts. Today it occurred to me that while the pictures, videos, and everything else I post is all great and interesting, it is without a doubt my writing that ties it all together. Keeping a blog and sharing the things I write is important as my thoughts and words are powerful, just like those of everyone else.


  • Hamilton Barber

    Proud to be one of them.

    Funny how writing tends to tie it all together, eh? Keep your thoughts yours. Discover them. Defend them.

    Keep up your good work!

    • Thomas

      Thanks, Hamilton! It’s folks like you who understand the things I write and why I write them that makes it all worthwhile! Thanks again!

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