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Time Stands Still

Time Stands Still


10 responses to “Time Stands Still”

  1. Its really a stopped and stand still moment. This is a reasonable parable for the wise. Thanks for this brainy post.

  2. this clock cant work, so old and abandoned. Anyways, the fact that this time stopped working doesn’t mean the universe stopped moving

  3. It literally is out of time. We should always be mindful of this, and spend our life as fully as we can each and every passing day.

  4. It is practically impossible to do it. For one, TIME is one of those forces that are intangible and is unavoidable. As for the shot however, well this is an old clock. Perhaps a new set of batteries will make it work again.

  5. The clock turned upside down maybe because of slamming of the door, strong wind or someone just turned it upside down. Nice shot

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