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Tiny Abandoned House


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    • I often wonder these same things myself. I remember walking into an abandoned house in Maine years ago which was surprisingly well preserved and filled with children’s toys. After doing some research, the wife came across a newspaper article about a child who went missing in the 1990’s from the same house I photographed. Gave me the creeps.

  1. I wonder how one person can leave such beautiful nice place. I always dream to have my own litte house too.

  2. An abandon house in the middle of nowhere. It must have been a sort of tent for travelers that needed some shelter.

  3. This is a cozy house to live at. Surrounded by tress and isolated from the boise of the city.

  4. A house in a middle of nowhere!!! You typically see houses like these in rural areas. A city it will look different.

  5. Why was the house abandoned yet it doesn’t seem to look that bad? But maybe the owner moved on to a better place.

  6. This is typical of houses in the bush, no better how good it has looked previously it will still be abandoned.

  7. You are such an adventurous photographer. It takes someone with an eye for unique things to discover such amazing scenes.

  8. This abandoned house still in good shape. You wonder why the owner left it just like that.

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