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Together At Sunset

October 2015

27 responses to “Together At Sunset”

  1. The reflection of sky and trees on the surface of water is amazing. It seems in the first glance that the sky has mixed with the earth’s surface.

  2. Loving the reflection of the sky in the water. The colors are comforting. And that dog makes it so real.

  3. Wow, the way the sky reflects on the water is amazing, also, the simple details like the dogs, the rocks, and the grass make the picture very unique.

  4. I can see the Dog walking beside the water, but what caught my attention was the reflection of the sky in the water. This is really an amazing work of art. A very precise snap shot I’ll say

  5. The water reflection looks like a painting of the sky, I love the colors and the way the dog looks in the picture.

  6. Oh the dog ( forgot the name he he) However, I prefer this over previous shots that used a black and white theme. This dog is a star he just does not know it ha ha. Very good job DOG sama.

  7. Life is full of mistery. The water is passing a cool message to the beautify dog. Nice photo quality.

  8. I love taking walks by streams and ponds and rivers. Makes me feel very calm and blessed. Your furry friend seems to feel that way too.

  9. The dog looks cute, but I was expecting another. The reflection in the water makes it very clear that it is close to sunset with the mix of red hue over the clouds surrounded by a diluting blue coloured sky.

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