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Train Locomotives

22 responses to “Train Locomotives”

  1. These are perhaps old models but they are classics for a reason. Without them paving the way perhaps modern versions would not have existed today.

  2. Uhm really, these are really massive means of movement,tho I have never liked it because I always think its not fast but thank God for the new ones produced that can now contend well with other means of transportation when it comes to speed

  3. I wish that trains were still functional here. I’m yet to still ride in the train in my locality here.

  4. Quite a wide rang of old forms of trains.Some of these are hard to com by in the modern world. A good way to preserve history.

  5. Some of these train locomotives need to be put in museums for preservation. It will be great for our kids to see how far w have come from.

  6. Wonderfull collection of locomotives, my favorites are whte black an white pictures.

  7. I really wish I would be able to travel on a real train like this someday. Must be exciting going on a very long train ride to somewhere.

  8. You have such a good eye for beautiful looking trains. Keep up the amazing job Thomas!

  9. Interestingly enough I find the black and white photos better than the colored ones. That’s kind of weird.

  10. Gallery of train locomotive. I think this is the old version of the train. The new ones looks alot better.

  11. The black and white photos are classic. I remember the first time I ride a train.

  12. These are from every locomotives ever made in the past. They formed the basis for the modern day trains.

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