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August 2019

14 responses to “Tripping”

  1. The wallpaper looks unkept thereby making the room viewed as an abandoned home. This is really tripping. I love the sharpness of this photo work.

  2. Due the wall looks old and abandoned but you gave it a boost because of the sharpness of your shot. Good photography there.

  3. It looks warm too warm at that since RED is a warm color and the sunny day does not help it. With the wallpaper peeling off however, I would place a blue one to make the room cooler.

  4. The wall is actually the ripped thing I see up there. It was still good of you to give it a shot atleast for some references.

  5. Did you use tripping as a caption because the room is crazy trippy? The chair and wallpaper have such amazing colour and unique design.

  6. I love the wallpaper.. The colour is really nice.. Too bad the wall is being turned down

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