September 2020

18 thoughts on “Truck Route

  1. I can’t see the path on this truck route, only the trees can be seen there. And strangely seen a Samsung monitor lying there.

  2. What is the TV doing there? Lol. Is the TV there to be collected? Anyway this is a hitch hike inanimate yes but a hitch hike none the less. A very cool shot.

  3. The route sign post is so essential for individual direction to there whereabouts. I love routes mehhhn.

  4. Wow, what’s the meaning of this picture. I’m very curious about all this from a road sign, a monitor and dark clouds.

  5. This is definitely photo worthy. Such an odd pairing of a truck route sign and a Samsung TV. Love it!!!

  6. Looks like a truck route to nowhere. Unless that reflection in that broken TV set’s indicative of what lies ahead, that is. It might be a bit mysterious…or not.

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