May 2019


15 thoughts on “True Companion

  1. Truly a man’s best friend. It’s loyalty and faithfulness never falter. Sometimes, it’s more loving and faithful than a man could ever be. It will stay with you for the rest of it’s life until it’s very last breath.

  2. Who wouldn’t love such a loyal companion by their side? Such a great bundle of joy!

  3. I’m a great dog person and I love them so much. This one particularly is so beautiful!

  4. Look at that punam! Dogs often make better companions than humans and I think this picture captures that. Thanks for sharing.

  5. As they say ” A dog is man’s best friend. I have a labrador at home and I love him. He is an extended part of my family.

  6. Yes, I totally agree. My pets have been great buddies to me. They keep me company and sane.

  7. What a cute dog. Is he/she yours? He/she looks quite the part of a loving and faithful companion.

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