• Oyeyipo Oladele

    This is a memory giving picture Tom. It’s been long I saw turtle. It makes me remember a lot each time I set eyes on it.

  • Alex

    The guy looks pissed he he. Smile little guy!!!!What specie is this? The spots and the brick look is very distinct and makes it cute.

  • Rae

    I’ve always wanted a pet turtle. Unfortunately, it’s illegal in our country so I guess I’m fine with this picture. Love it by the way! Really cute.

  • Prince

    This is a close shot, lovely and cool. I love turtle but I haven’t had a close look as this. I wish I was there with you Tom

  • Mariz Tina Mispenas

    I and my siblings used to have a turtle at home but unfortunately, it got lost. It is very rare to see turtles around nowadays. It is nice to see a turtle even in pictures.

  • Leonard

    Hey! This just brought back memories. I have seen one of these in my granny place. It just makes me miss my grandma more

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