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January 2016

9 responses to “Uninhabited”

  1. Uninhabited? I can definitely see why???? This looks like an ancient church or a hunted house it really does. This makes it creepy.

  2. It looks like an old church that is in the city for a long. Their way of manufacture is very nice and more durable than today’s concrete houses.

  3. Your caption for the picture is quite fitting. Uninhabited with a little bit of spooky vibes to it. Love the picture!

  4. A good looking home and a quiet environment. I hope very soon it will be filled with people. It big enough

  5. Buildings like this need a total change and repair. Not everyone can live comfortably in a wooden building like this. Not even me

  6. This effect makes this look so old, like the 19th century building. I love this close shot, not everyone can produce this quality

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