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Until I Fall Away


August 2015

10 responses to “Until I Fall Away”

  1. A typical barn I would say. I would have love to see what is in the inside as the outside is not looking so hot. This looks worn down and has seen better days.

  2. It is a beautiful place to live in the forest. But here, there is risk too if someone is residing there due to wild beings.

  3. A farm house that need immediate repair. The caption sounds like this one structure still standing is pleading for repair.

  4. Don’t let this one standing fall away, a repair is still better off here than building a new building.

  5. Until I fall away, a good title for this photo. It gives a description that this photo wouldn’t be this way when the chips are down

  6. This is a damage by the wind I think. Am pretty sure the house will need little of repairs to get it up again.

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